Sara Inn Hostel

21 Yousef Elgendy St.- cnr. Hoda Sharawy St., Cairo

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Sara Inn Hostel


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We are at 21 Youssef El Gendi at Hoda Sharawy Street Downtown.

If you need further directions please check the map on our website..

Located near

Midan Tahrir (Independence Square) and even closer to Midan Talat Harb (Talat Harb Square).

Conditions & Policy

Credit Cards Accepted

Please note that the free airport pick up service now does not apply to all guests. Free pick up for just double rooms with bath (and air-con) and a stay of 2 nights or more. For other guests airport pick up is 12USD which is less than most taxis found casually at the airport will want and guarantees you one of our experienced, safe drivers (who can actually find the hotel). Per car maximum 3 persons. please send us your flight details to arrange the pick up if you like, (flight code and No, arrival date and time).